A strong partnership with the French Basketball Federation since 2007

Ferrero in France is the official partner of MiniBasket, which introduces children aged 5 to 10 to active sports in general, and to basketball in particular. Every year, all over France, 210,000 children are given the opportunity to discover this sport, thanks to our collaboration with the École Française du MiniBasket – training kits provided to the 363 associated clubs -and our support for the National MiniBasket Fair: 100 sites all over France organise a party every year in partnership with Kinder+Sport, where children can compete in tournaments and learn the fundamentals of basketball. Finally, the Kinder + Sport Basket Day involves 1,150 clubs and more than 100,000 young people from all regions of France. This is a yearly event that allows young registered athletes to invite non-members to their clubs to share their passion for basketball.