Our Program

In 2019, on the eve of Children's Day, Kinder Joy of moving started its first project in Russia! As a part of international program aimed at promoting active lifestyle Kinder Joy of moving became a sponsor of kids running marathon STARKIDS!

STARKIDS are races for the youngest athletes that traditionally take place at the first day of IRONSTAR triathlon competitions for amateurs and professionals. The small runners have an important mission - to officially open the competition.

Kinder Joy of moving supported children throughout all five STARKIDS races in different cities of Russia. We tried to do everything possible to make these competitions bright and memorable for every child. As a part of the event there were special Kinder Joy of moving zones organized for small participants. Young athletes could take part in interesting activations that symbolized triathlon competition and make friends with each other.

Each kid received a starter pack with a branded Kinder Joy of Moving T-shirt, a personal medal and other memorable souvenirs. In addition, children and their parents were able to capture this important event in branded photo zone, where every young participant, regardless of the results, felt to be the winner!

The Results


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