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The “Kinder Joy of moving” project came to Russia 3 years ago and from the very beginning it became a part of one of the children's events of the IRONSTAR triathlon - STARKIDS runs.

In the competitions supported by "Kinder Joy of moving" in Russia, everyone can participate, regardless of their physical abilities. For example, if a child is unable to run in the STARKIDS by himself, he can participate in the race with the help of his parents or in a baby carriage.

In 2020 Russia as well as the whole world faced CoVid-19, but we wanted children to move and created a new format – online runs. The mechanics is simple:
1) register for online run at IronStar website;
2) make a family run with your child anywhere you want;
3) share photo or video;
4) Get a special gift from Kinder Joy of moving.

1500 kids participated in online runs, digital reach of the project has reached 63.5k.
Overall from the launch of "Kinder Joy of moving" project in Russia 5300 children were involved into sports.

The Results


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