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Kinder Joy of moving Korea launched At Home Exercise Challenge to keep Families active at Home


Since 2015, South Korea has rolled out an annual Family run initiative under the Kinder Joy of moving program. Under this initiative, Ferrero has been able to have 1,800 children and families to participate in the run annually. However, the Family run in 2020 was halted due to the Covid-19 situation.

Given the continuing Covid-19 situation in 2021, we have then devised and launched “At Home Exercise Challenge” in April to May 2021 to celebrate the Children’s Day in Korea as well as the ‘Family Month,’ in Korea.

The objective of the initiative is to continue the momentum of the Kinder Joy of moving program in Korea, and to demonstrate our continued commitment to the families in Korea during this challenging time.

At Home Exercise Challenge

The Korea At Home Exercise Challenge was created based on a previous Passport Game campaign, which was developed with a sports teacher in France. It aims to encourage families to try out fun exercises and workout tasks that mimics animals such as the Ostrich and Gorilla challenge.

As we bring the campaign live in Korea, we have worked with a local influencer: Sean Ro, who has been our Kinder Joy of Moving ambassador for the past five years, to drive the awareness and participation of the program. We have worked with Sean and his family to create a video on YouTube and a series of postings on his Instagram to showcase how the exercise can easily be done at home throughout April and May.

With this campaign, we have managed to reach 5.58 Million views exceeding our target by 6%. Engagement target also exceeded KPI by 39% (Total clicks: 9,899) Thanks to this activity the Ferrero social responsibility program has maintained its footprint in Korea. We have been able to encourage the families to feel the joy of moving at home, which is especially important during this lockdown period where outdoor activities are limited.

Feel the Joy of moving at home by participating in this fun challenge!

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