Our Program

Three years ago, Ukraine joined the global initiative “Kinder Joy of moving”. In 2021 young athletes across the country came to the capital – Kyiv – for the National tournament “Kinder Joy of moving Tennis Trophy Ukraine 2021”.

The tournament is organized by STARTTENIS with the support of Ukrainian tennis federation. For the whole year kids were participating in local tournaments in age groups under 10 and under 12. And afterwards, in October they joined on one sunny autumn day to play their favorite game, make new friends and have a great time with their family.

There were 46 participants in total with 69 matches played in a single day. The atmosphere was joyful and friendly. Everyone played to the best of their abilities, showing great respect of fairplay and sportsmanship.

The Kinder Joy of moving Tennis Trophy, which reaches its maximum expression in the final of the International Master, is an opportunity for the players and their families to live an experience full of special, important and valuable moments thanks to some unique features of its own: the absence of umpires, the focus on fair play, the support of families, the fact that tennis leaves its competitive and sporty side, to become a way to learn integrity in real life.

All of this make the tournament more than just a Tennis Trophy: it is a one of a kind event, enriched by values, growth and significative emotions for all the participants.

The Results




matched played in a single day