The 4th Kinder+Sport Family run in Korea

The 4th Kinder+Sport Family Run in Korea

On May 25th, the 4th Kinder+Sport Family Run gathered 1,794 children and their families in Bucehon, Korea for exciting family running and other fun family activities!

Ferrero Korea GM, Massimo D’Ambrosio and Italian Ambassador Federico Failla opened the event with warm welcome speeches.

Korean celebrity and K+S ambassador Sean participated in the running to encourage the children by emphasizing the importance of exercise when there is increase in the use of smart phones, which in the biggest obstacle for active life style.

For the running, the course was 1.35km long and consisted of four obstacles, which could stimulate the body growth of children. The obstacles were; hop scotch (to run in different directions by stepping on the footpads sticked on the ground), shadow through (to go through obstacles with different poses), mission impossible (to go through the lines in different directions) and up & down (to climb up and down the obstacles). Also, in the middle of the running course, there was water zone for children and their families to get enough hydration.

After the running, the children could continue their excitement with five fun family activities (Joy Zone). Bowling, flying disc and rubber ball jumping games were enjoyed by many kids. Also, with their families, tattoo sticker booth and photo zone were crowded with people who wanted to participate.

With nice weather, the participants, as well as Ferrero Korea colleagues have had a good time with their families. We are looking forward to the bigger success in next year Kinder+Sport Family Run!!