Kinder+Sport Football Carnival

Kinder+Sport Football Carnival

We couldn’t ask for a more special Chinese Children’s Day! On May 28th, Guangzhou (China) hosted the Kinder+Sport Football Carnival, which gathered over 200 kids who have been celebrated in the joy of movement.

The participants faced different challenges: dribbling past defenders, shooting from distance, 3 VS 3 family football battle, and many others. The kids who managed to conquer all the challenges were gifted a special gadget! But the main event consisted of two special guests: Ou Chuliang – China national team’s former goal keeper – and Tan Ruyin – one of the top Chinese women footballers – who joined the kids, shoulder to shoulder, in an exciting 5 VS 5 football game.

This year, joining hands with Guangdong Football Association, Ferrero China brought Kinder+Sport into the campus for the first time, stirring up the Joy of moving in 3 schools including Lie De, Nan Guo and Xia Liang. Mr. Cheng Zhiwen, senior officer of Guangdong Football Association, stated that “the support from different sectors of the society, in addition to schools, is needed to contribute to the healthy development of campus football. We are very delighted to collaborate with Ferrero China again this year to take the approach of diversified and innovative activities such as football class break and football carnival, calling on more teenagers to step closer towards football and sports.”

Thanks to the strong government support in developing the football campus and the participation of the Guangdong Football Association, it is the first time that the Kinder+Sport project deeply penetrates into the school and directly moves over 5,000 teachers and students on the campus.


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