Our Program

Kinder+Sport in Sweden has been very active in promoting movement of children and young adults, and has been particularly involved in promoting the sport of running. In 2016, following a tradition dating back several years, Kinder+Sport has played a leading role in supporting the Stockholm Mini Marathon. The 2016 edition took place in June at the Stockholm Stadium. Participants run a child-friendly marathon in the centre of Stockholm. And 6,000 children aged 5-13 took part with a crowd of over 10,000 spectators cheering them on to the finish. The event was organized by the Stockholm Marathon Group.

Kinder+Sport was particularly active with logos on all the promotional material, including the Mini Marathon's highly successful webpage, banners at the finishing line and welcome gym-bags and neck warmers: participation was so high that 6,000 of each were distributed. The Stockholm mini marathon will also be the highlight of our activities with Kinder+Sport during this summer. Intensive preparation is already under way for the event, which will be held on June 4th.

The Results


children involved


supporters along the route to the
Stockholm Stadium