Archive images. The photos were taken before the health emergency linked to the Covid-19 pandemic
Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Our Program

We continue our cooperation with National Youth Sport Festival (ODM), the largest multi-sport event in the Czech Republic. The latest Festival took place in Karlovy Vary region in January. In collaboration with the Czech Olympic Committee, we encouraged 1400 participants of the winter Festival in cheering each other and having joy of moving. We enjoyed 5 days full of sports and games and we were able to reach kids of different ages – from elementary schools to high schools.

Our activation was also promoted on social media in collaboration with famous sport ambassadors. Tennis player Jonáš Forejtek and athlete Barbora Malíková showed their cheering moves (developed for the activation purposes) in videos encouraging kids to learn them, use them during ODM and share them on social media.

The Results


activated children


sports during five days


Olympiada deti a mladeze vyska