Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Our Program

This summer KJOM partnered with the Olympic Festival, a multi-sport event held in Prague and Brno by the Czech Olympic Committee during the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The aim of the festival was to simulate the Olympic experience as well as to inspire kids to be physically active. This much needed stimulus, after the sedentary life during Covid-19, was appreciated by both kids and their parents. Tens of thousands of children attended the festival and tried 30 different sports. KJOM play card – a simple collecting points and earn rewards card – was aiming to further motivate kids to be active and to try as many sports as possible. 65 % of present children acquired the KJOM play card and engaged in 12 sports on average which resulted in 139 255 sport activities undertaken by kids.

The Results


sports during 14 days


activated children


Olympiada deti a mladeze vyska