Our Program

Sports in México are not a regular habit for a high percentage of the population, mainly because of the lack of adequate or accessible spaces. However, many Mexican parents understand that regular physical activity is an antidote to negative growth factors. To stimulate and inspire young people to make physical activity a part of their lives, Kinder+Sport launched its "Recreational Communities program" together with the Official Sports Institute of the México City Council. The project is aimed at recovering and renovating open spaces inside México City's low-income estates. Kinder+Sport provides equipment for football and volleyball courts and donates the material required for sporting and entertainment activities for children and parents. The "Recreational Communities programme" will hold an Activation Tour every weekend for an entire year, training families in different activities that don't require special skills or expensive equipment.

In the first year of activities (2014-2015) we got 70,000 people moving! This result beat our initial target by +8%.

The Results


kids moved in 2016/2017


events in 2016/2017