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Our Program

Practicing Sports in México is not a regular habit for a high percetage of population. In order to stimulate & inspire people to adopt physical activy as a part of their lifes, Kinder Joy of moving launched in 2014 in México the “Recreational Commuinities program” together with the Official Sports Institutes part of Cities administration. Program aimed at recovering & renovating Open Spaces Inside the México City housing units and Guadalajara Sport Units. Kinder Joy of moving provide the equipment to install Football and Volleyball courts in addition to providing the rest of material necessary to complete a real sportive and funny Parents & Kids activity: balls, jackets, cones, goals etc.
Additionally “Recreational Communities program” implements every weekend for an entire year an activations Tour based on Joy of moving methodology, inspiring physical activity adoption throughout family conviviality moments and training families on different activities which don’t require special skills or expensive equipment such as the purpose of Joy of moving. We are present today in 2 of the main cities of México: Guadalajara and México City

In 5 years of implementation we have reached more than 500,000 people involved (adults and kids)! And in the last year 175,000!
Kinder + Sport Recretional Communities is a great example of how Kinder Joy of moving can inspire kids and families to adopt sports in a joyful way, helping parents to spend time to interact with their kids practicing physical activity.

The Results


people involved (adults and kids)
in 2018/19


Kinder Joy of moving areas
implemented in 2018/19