Our Program

In France, Kinder Joy of moving allows more than 400 000 children every year to discover the enjoyment of sport. Kinder Joy of moving launched two programs in partnership with three sports federations – French Athleticism Federation, French Basketball Federation, French Handball Federation - and le Secours populaire français to promote sports accessibility for all children.

Our partnership with basketball, handball and athletics federations led to Kinder+Sport Days. Those moments are based on discovering and sharing a sport activity. Every year, tens of thousands young people share their sport passion with a friend through this program. This initiative is also about how sport clubs can manage sport accessibility on their own. We provide them pedagogical kits, so they can diversify their activities and lead some large-scale discovery sessions.

The Village Kinder grew out of our historical partnership with le Secours Populaire Français. Together, we dedicated our work for more than 10 years to sport accessibility for children, especially those whose parents can’t afford holidays. Since its beginning in 2009, almost 8000 children discovered a whole sports panel and met different sportspeople at Temple-Sur-Lot leisure like Jo-Wilfried Tsonga who comes every year to visit children, once again showing his dedication to his sponsor role. At the end of the stay, every child receives a one-year sports license to continue practicing sports back home.

The Results


children are participating to
the Kinder Days every year


children are involved in Kinder Joy of moving
program in France every year