Our Program

In France, the Kinder Joy of moving program has the objective to give access to sport to a maximum of children. After a difficult year in the context of Covid, Kinder Joy of Moving confirms its support to the 3 national sport federations it is in partnership with : Athletism, Basket Ball and Handball.

With each partner, we want to promote the sport activity for the children between 5 and 12 years. In this objective, we support the local clubs to improve the reception of the young players and every year we organize a Kinder Joy of moving day with each federation. This day, organized within the local clubs all over the French territory, encourages the discovery of their activity and values. This year, more than 166 000 children took part in it.

Children also had new occasions to discover different sports activities with the organization of different events : The open days of the tennis trophy, the Kinder Joy of moving challenge of Levallois and the Big Tour during the summer.

In total more than 500 000 children have been involved in the Kinder Joy of moving program and have experimented the Joy of moving!

The Results


children involved in the
Kinder joy of moving program


children have participated to
a Kinder Joy of moving day