Our Program

Ferrero France is convinced that the active practice of sports is a fundamental driver for personal development and social well-being, thanks to its intrinsic positive values. The company has been operating in the field for many years, striving every day to reduce the obstacles to active sports, making sports available to everyone.

One of the leading activities is called "Qui Court Donne!" – "Those who run, give". Through this simple exclamation we invite each participant to join the Kinder Joy of moving Programme. All runners can now convert their efforts into tangible results, allowing the maximum number of children to be assisted in sports by the Secours Populaire Français association. "Qui court donne!" was launched in early March 2016 as the first great solidarity movement of the Kinder Joy of moving project. Its aim was to involve the highest audience possible who love running in five challenges, in order to give a new meaning to their performance. Registering to the initiative and going to run was made very simple by the use of dedicated apps. Once a common pre-established target of kilometres was achieved, Kinder Joy of moving offered a series of "access to sport" for the children of the Secours Populaire Français.

The Results




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