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Our Program

In Poland, Ferrero has been implementing the Kinder Joy of moving Programme since December 2007, when our first partnership with the Polish Volleyball Federation started to develop the largest volleyball project for the youngest in our country. Today, after fourteen years, we still play mini-volleyball with thousands of children throughout Poland, sharing with them the true joy of playing sports together and being all of us one team!

But there is more! Since 2018 the Programme in Poland has been constantly developed, welcoming new activities, like tennis, swimming, sailing, cycling, athletics, and, more recently, alternative physical education classes for pupils and teachers of elementary schools. By extending in such a notable manner the scope of activity, the Programme’s intention was to show, to the youngest and their families, that every sport can bring a lot of joy and that trying different types of physical activities can positively influence development of children and teens! Of course, while delivering all these projects, we are always supported by Polish sports associations, like the Polish Volleyball Federation, the Polish Yachting Federation, the Polish Tennis Federation or Monika Pyrek Foundation. Among our partners, there is also the Polish Olympic Committee with whom we have organised a number of educational activities throughout Poland.

Absolutely unique in our Kinder Joy of moving Programme, as compared to any other, is the fact that our activities cover the whole territory of Poland, that taking part is completely free of charge, and that the Programme is not about looking for champions, but wants to encourage as many people as possible to join the culture of movement, simply by doing sporting activities together!

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