Our Program

Kinder+Sport has been active in Poland since 2008, and is promoting the Joy of Moving method in cooperation with the Polish Olympic Committee. Three main platforms have been chosen: sailing, swimming and volleyball.

The Kinder+Sport programs in Poland involve more than 70,000 children and teenagers annually. Volleyball superstars Sebastian Swiderski and Piotr Gruszka have been ambassadors of the year-long mini volleyball tournament, the largest event of its kind in Europe, based on a strong partnership with the Polish National Volleyball Association. More than 41,000 children and teenagers have taken part so far, forming over 10,000 teams. The sailing activities, championed by Joy of Moving Ambassador and Olympic Champion Mateusz Kusznierewicz, include cruises on the Baltic Sea, teaching, training and workshops, and have involved over 18,000 teenagers. Swimming sessions are held in over 250 pools throughout Poland, with 1040 instructors and coaches and 40,000 kids who have received swimming kits to date.

The Results


kids moved in 2016/2017


events in 2016/2017