Our Program

In Poland, Ferrero has been carrying out the KINDER Joy of moving programme since December 2007, when the cooperation with the Polish Volleyball Federation on the implementation of the biggest national volleyball project for the youngest children was initiated. Today, we still play mini-volleyball with thousands of children all over Poland, sharing with them the true joy of sport and being together as one team! But that is not all!

Since 2018, the programme in Poland has been systematically expanded to include new activities – from tennis, swimming lessons, sailing, cycling or athletics, to alternative physical education lessons for primary school pupils and teachers. In 2020, we also developed the KINDER Joy of moving e-platform, a fully digital knowledge database where one can find numerous inspirations for group sporting fun, available to everyone and completely free-of-charge. Such a wide presence of the KINDER Joy of moving program in Poland is caused by the desire to show the youngest and their families that each sport discipline brings a lot of joy and that trying different forms of movement can have a positive effect on our development! Of course, we have always been supported in the implementation of our projects by sports associations and organisations – the already mentioned Polish Volleyball Federation, as well as the Polish Sailing Federation, the Polish Tennis Federation, the Monika Pyrek Foundation, but also the Polish Olympic Committee in cooperation with which we have carried out several nationwide educational activities.

What distinguishes the Kinder Joy of moving programme is the fact that our activities cover the whole of Poland, participation in them is completely free-of-charge, and their aim is not to look for champions, but to inspire as many people as possible to join the culture of movement by playing sports together!

The Results


young players took part in
the national mini volleyball project


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the KINDER JOM e-platform