Kinder Joy of moving and education

Kinder Joy of moving and education in Poland

The Kinder Joy of moving programme is, in its objectives, addressing two sustainable development goals developed by the United Nations under ''Agenda 2030''. When we promote active lifestyles among the youngest children and their families around the world, we are talking about Goal 3, or GOOD HEALTH AND QUALITY OF LIFE, and when our efforts focus on the promotion of sports and sports education in the broadest sense, we can certainly also talk about Goal 4 of the 2030 Agenda, or GOOD QUALITY OF EDUCATION.

In Poland, we have been working with the Polish Olympic Committee since January 2020. Our joint efforts are obviously focused on encouraging physical activity of the youngest, but also on their education. In 2020, we managed to develop a unique in Europe educational set "What do I like? It's sport I like!" dedicated to teachers and parents of primary school students, and to publish a new edition of the book "The Gleaming Airship. Pierre de Coubertin − on Sport and Olympism". While working on these materials, we were guided by the belief that by providing completely free access to our publications, each school in Poland would be able to introduce its students to the idea of Olympism and the universal values of sport in an interesting and, more importantly, engaging way!

The educational set "What do I like? It's sport I like!" comprises four complementary elements:

Olympic Educational Charts − a set of 14 beautifully illustrated posters describing in simple language the key topics in the history of the Olympic Games, the person of Pierre de Coubertin, the Olympic symbols, the links between sport and art, but also the equality
Olympic Handbook − we have compiled a handbook designed especially for teachers, which contains examples of how to conduct lessons on each of the 14 topics presented on the Olympic charts in an interesting and engaging way,
Olympic Memory in XXL format − the memory game not only makes it easier to memorise the most important information from lessons, but also makes learning through play a positive experience for the youngest
The book "United in Dreams. 14 Medal Stories" − is a unique publication featuring fourteen interviews with Polish Olympic gold medallists. Each interview tells a different story that shows what sport teaches us and how important physical activity is in everyone's life!

It is worth noting that we have prepared this educational set in both paper and digital versions! This way, it has reached nearly 60,000 teachers across the country.
In addition, together with the Education Department of the Polish Olympic Committee, we provide online training on the set and the possibilities it offers.

"The Gleaming Airship. Pierre de Coubertin − on Sport and Olympism" − a book for readers of all ages.

Other efforts we have undertaken to promote the knowledge of and values related to sport was the publication of a new edition of the book "The Gleaming Airship. Pierre de Coubertin − on Sport and Olympism". As the title of the book suggests, it talks about the founder of the modern Olympic Games, the French Baron Pierre de Coubertin, and his valuable insights into the importance of sport in the lives of each of us and in society as a whole. Reading the chapters of the book, we discover the beauty of sport at its best, we learn about universal values that are not only useful during competitions, but also in everyday life. And while the book's illustrations and design might suggest that it is aimed at the youngest, it is in fact a book for everyone!

We encourage you to download the book in Polish or English!