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United Kingdom

Our Program

The Joy of moving CSR programme was launched in the UK over six years ago and delivered through a long-term partnership with the EFL Trust and partners. In the UK, the programme is unbranded and designed to inspire active lifestyles in children and to move through play, and to help them develop positive habits for adulthood.

The programme consists of two elements: the Move & Learn project and the Joy of moving Festivals. The Move & Learn project aims to inspire 9-10 year olds to get physically active and enjoy movement. During the six weeks in school, children learn, through fun games inspired by the Joy of moving methodology, about the importance of physical activity and balanced diets based on the Eatwell Guide. The Festivals are easy, simple and fun games to inspire children of all ages to develop life skills by learning through play. Taking place during the summer term in schools across the UK, the games and activities help children to develop skills including communication and team work.

The programme inspires a passionate approach to moving in children and to date we have moved over 346,000 children in the UK and delivered over one million hours in schools.


The Results


children moved in total


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