Our Program

Kinder +Sport Italy: a benchmark for youth and sports since 2006

Kinder+Sport has been supporting the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) and various sports federations since 2006 with the goal of promoting movement and sports. In 2016 the project has supported the "movement" of 1.8 million young people aged 6 to 19. Support was provided both financially and in equipment and materials, in disciplines such as volley, swimming, fencing, football, sailing, tennis, and badminton. Schools are involved, and local and national tournaments are often the first competitive experiences of the young participants. During the summer break, the project continues with various multidisciplinary Camps. The collaboration with great former champions and Olympic athletes who have the talent to generate a passion for the value of sports has added great value to the project.

Kinder +Sport "Joy of Moving", the spirit that is permeating the Italian company. The company community represented by the Gruppo Ricreativo Sportivo Ferrero (GRSF) has existed for decades as a non competitive association of employees and their families, with 5,000 members in 13 sections, of which 10 are dedicated to sports. For the last three years, the "Village +Sport " centre in Alba serves the entire local community under the management of Kinder+Sport. The passion for physical activity and sports is spread daily by one the largest sporting communities on Facebook, a reference for over 500,000 young people and adults.

The Results


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