Kinderometro: sport essentiality for children’s development

Kinderometro: sport essentiality for children’s development

In the second edition of "Kinderometro, the detector of small moments”, Kinder and Ipsos have investigated on an international scale the relationship between parents and children with a dual perspective, interviewing both parents and children between 7 and 15 years old.

The research began from the need to study the evolution of parenting and the bond that is created between parents and children through the sharing of small moments of joy. Thanks to Kinderometro, it was possible to see that during the period of quarantine, the bond between parents and children was strengthened through the sharing of many fun activities including sports and movement.

Josefa Idem, world and Olympic champion in the specialty of K1, has contributed via the Kinder Facebook and Instagram social channels to the analysis of the research data. In her own voice, she has first explained how physical activity agrees with all parents, and then how sport positively affects the family relationship and children’s psycho-physical development.

To suggest activities that encourage families to move together, games from the book "Joy of moving" were proposed. Moreover, some of them have been tested and approved by the great basketball champion Carlton Myers!

The aim of Joy of moving games is to stimulate creativity, develop children's self-confidence and allow them to spend more time playing and having fun together with their parents. To discover the games, just follow us on our Facebook and Instagram profiles. We are waiting for you!