Kinder Joy of moving at the Olympics in Japan

Kinder Joy of moving at the Olympics in Japan

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have just ended, and the successes of Team Italy have given us great emotions. The games have shown record numbers in every aspect, starting from the presence of athletes who, for the first time, have been equally divided between men and women.

To support Team Italy at the Olympic Games, and to export a healthy joy of movement, Kinder Joy of Moving flew to Japan thanks to two special envoys: a former gymnast and Olympic captain of the Italian national rhythmic gymnastics team, and a fencer specialized in foil, a discipline that earned him the gold medal at the 2012 London Games.

We are talking about Marta Pagnini and Valerio Aspromonte, who have shared the excitement of the Olympic Game as well as exclusive behind the scenes content, direct from Casa Italia.

Thanks to the collaboration with CONI and several Japanese primary schools, the two have also exported the Educamp to Japan, multidisciplinary summer camps based on the Olympic Values and dedicated to young people aged 5 to 14.

Valerio coached some budding fencers, reminding them that passion and commitment to sport lead to great results. He also reminded them that it is essential to have a foundational method, which allows them to increase their autonomy and ability to face challenges.

Marta, on the other hand, armed herself with her inseparable ribbons and followed some very young athletes during a rhythmic gymnastics training session. The joy of movement of all these rising talents was certainly not lacking!

Our special envoys have then brought to Japan a bit of the joy of moving that distinguishes us, with the aim of bringing young and very young children to enjoy sports and a healthy lifestyle, and teaching them to never stop having fun. They also reminded us, thanks to their Olympic memories, how following the Olympics is fascinating but also instructive, as it can teach values such as fair play, teamwork, multiculturalism, as well as commitment and the sharing of unique and unrepeatable moments and emotions.