Join Kinder Joy of moving play together with chinese olympic champion – Wu Minxia

Join Kinder Joy of moving play together with chinese olympic champion – Wu Minxia

In celebration of the upcoming Children's Day, Ferrero China kicked off the 2021 Kinder Joy of moving Camp in Shanghai, which started May 29th. A series of innovative and interesting games were introduced to this "Playing Carnival", through which children enjoyed the fun of movement and developed key skills together with their parents.

During the event, Ms. Wu Minxia, the Chinese Diving Queen, was announced as a Kinder Joy of moving Ambassador. Wu played with the children and parents at the event in Shanghai, making this year's Children's Day even more special and memorable. Mr. Mauro De Felip, General Manager of Ferrero China and Mr. Larry Xia, Category Director of Kinder both attended the event.

At the event, innovative moving games created novel joyful and dynamic experiences for the children and their parents. Games like "Happy Hopscotch" and "Jump to New Goals" tested the children's balancing ability, during which children could reach their potential through the hand-foot coordination required by these games. Children could also "battle" with each other in the "Who is the ping pong hero" and "Lucky Musical Hoops" games. Group games like "Best Luck Jenga", "Joy Generator" and "Call You by Your Fruit Name" encouraged the children to learn teamwork and friendship through tacit cooperation. The children also teamed up with their parents to break through barriers during a joyful family playtime.

Today, more and more parents seek to guide their children to actively participate in sporting activities. In recent years, the rise of extracurricular sports training for teenagers indicates that parents are paying more attention to physical education, where there will inevitably be utilitarian purpose. Too much attention on results and performance while ignoring children's natural desire to play and have fun, could dampen their interests and passion for sports. Understanding how to encourage children, who are in a "transition period" of physical fitness development, to embrace their natural inclination for playing and enjoy a joyful childhood while developing key skills, is therefore a topic of common concern among parents.

Kinder believes that playing is the natural inclination and basic right of every child. For that reason, Kinder is committed to delivering the principle of "Whatever the game, let joy win" to young generations, through Kinder Joy of moving. By integrating "4 Fs" elements (Fun, Friendship, Fair Play, Family) into the games designed for children, the project instinctively shifts the focus from performance to fun, from competition to collaboration, in hopes to let children enjoy the fun of moving regardless of results.

Wu Minxia, Kinder Joy of moving Ambassador, said: "A healthy body and a joyful childhood are the greatest gifts parents can give to their children, this is also a common responsibility for the whole society. Through joyful movements, children will not only gain happiness and enhance their physical growth, but also become closer with their parents. What is valuable is that the "Kinder Joy of moving" project starts from respecting children's natural inclinations, enabling them to embrace happiness and develop key skills during play and sports."

Mauro De Felip, General Manager of Ferrero China, said: "We believe that a happy childhood and a positive attitude towards movement will make today's children better adults tomorrow. Based on this belief, Ferrero launched "Kinder Joy of moving" project for children with the unique principle of "Whatever the game, let joy win", hoping to bring more movement and happiness to the growth of children. Over the past ten years since it was introduced in China, the project has injected happy energy into Chinese children's growth through fun games and various activities."

Looking into the future, Ferrero will continue to promote this international social responsibility project in China and create a joyful childhood for every child.