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Our Program

In Australia, 2019-20 is the third year of the Joy of Moving research partnership with Deakin University in Melbourne schools. Co-designed by teachers and psychologists, the program is guided by two core principles: Any movement is good movement and Moving helps us feel good.

The 10-minute program is delivered by teachers 4 times per week during class time, including approximately 2 minutes of psychoeducation via storybooks or animation videos. This novel focus teaches children about the mind-body connection and how movement can be a tool to help work through challenging emotions.

Teachers noted that the program can help children to maintain focus on classroom activities. Positive comments include: “It lets students get out of the monotonous work and have a break to regain their energy and enthusiasm”, “Students get motivated to engage in to other activities after the program”, “I will continue using this program as it improves kids’ concentration in class”, and “Students are engaged and ready to learn afterwards”.

Some program feedback from teachers: “Thanks for providing our school with the opportunity to implement such a vital ingredient and component of their holistic learning”. “Thank you for designing this program. Getting more movement into classes is vital”.


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The Results


school children over the research study


teachers from 24 mainstream
and specialist schools engaged


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