Our Program

In 2017, Kinder Joy of moving was introduced to Australia in the form of a partnership with Deakin University. Ferrero is supporting a four-year study to establish the Joy of moving Australia research project, titled 'Getting children moving: An evaluation of the effectiveness of the "Joy of moving" program in Australian primary school aged children'. Our shared vision with Deakin University is that this evidence-based research program will be the preferred physical activity program for all primary schools in Australia endorsed by industry experts.

The Australian Joy of moving program is an innovative research program that uses fun, play-based movement activities to get children moving and engaged in the classroom. The program is also a great vehicle for teachers to introduce concepts such as the mind-body connection and can also be used as a tool for teachers to positively respond to the emotional and behavioural needs of the classroom. The program that was developed in 2018 based on Professor Caterina Pesce’s International ‘Joy of moving’ philosophy is currently being piloted in a number of primary schools in the state of Victoria. The program involves teachers implementing a 10-minute active play break throughout the school day as well as teaching children about the benefits of moving for their health and wellbeing.


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The Results


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