Archive images. The photos were taken before the health emergency linked to the Covid-19 pandemic


Our Program

KinderJoy of moving program is popular among elementary schools in Hungary! The competition announced for schools ensures daily exercise for the younger generation. With the presentation of the application participants have organized a sport day and the lucky 64 schools have been chosen for the campaign practice dedicated Kinder Joy of moving exercises tailormade by professors of the University of Phisical Education and collect points for sport equipment. Unexpectedly to Covid the program can not be maintained as it was planned and the competition had to be postponed. Similar to the main program, the non-winning teams participation to win sports equipments for daily sport activities had to be suspended in Kinder Joy of moving Extra Program.

In the lack of regular school programs we have communicated the necessity and eventual possibilities of everyday movement on our local website showing some exercises that could be practiced home.

The Results


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