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Our Program

Kinder Joy of moving program in Romania focuses on promoting enjoyable, fun and non-competitive sporting experiences for children.

The program is held in partnership with the Romanian Ministry of Education and has reached over 100.000 children within 212 schools, with ages between 6 and 12 years old. Activities during the year included several stages, such as: Kinder Joy of moving Caravan, Kinder Joy of moving Week and the Kinder Joy of moving Cup.

With a national wide coverage, the Kinder Joy of moving Caravan has consisted in a series of 20 interactive events held for school children. Main purpose of this stage was to create best practices for methodologist teachers that they could further share, in order to ensure an excellent implementation of the next stage: Kinder Joy of moving Week. Each event invited the children to go through several sports trial, stimulating the young ones to try new activities and enjoy the fun experience of practicing sports.

The Kinder Joy of moving Week has had a more educational focus. Between 9 -15 December, teachers from over 200 schools around Romania held interactive games during PE classes, following the Kinder Joy of moving Methodology. The aim of this stage is to make PE classes more fun and enjoyable for all children, bringing them closer to the world of sports.

In the later part of the school year, all participating schools have had the opportunity to register for the Kinder Joy of moving Cup. The focus of this stage is to introduce children to the world of sports through a series of multisport trials, while promoting key values, such as fair play and team work.

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