Our Program

Our aim is to make physical activities fun for children, while teaching them the core values of sports: friendship, resilience, teamwork, fair play and leadership.

We want all children to experience fun, enjoyable, non-competitive activities, that`s why we offer all participating schools the necessary tools: sport kits to be used in classes, a coaching guide developed by Kinder Joy of moving methodology and a demonstrative class to learn how to apply it.

Developed in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the program consists in 3 phases (Kinder+Sport week, Kinder+Sport Cup and Kinder+Sport Camp) and offer a new perspective on sports activities.

The Kinder joy of moving program in Romania have been an outstanding success, with thousand of children involved (more than 95 000 only in the 2019 edition). During the program, children have experienced the Joy of moving method through a variety of activities and sports, such as athletics, handball, basketball.

The Results


Participants Schools

96 447

kids moved in 2019


Romania Ministry of education