Archive images. The photos were taken before the health emergency linked to the Covid-19 pandemic


Our Program

The Covid-19 pandemic has cast its shadow on the kinder Joy of Moving activities in Germany. Starting with the beginning of our main period of events in March almost all our activities in our three sports athletics, basketball and cycling had to be cancelled. Nevertheless, we focused on our goal to move as many children as possible by developing digital activities, such as a digital Sports Badge tour with our ambassador Frank Busemann. Together we produced videos and other materials to enable kids to prepare for the Sports Badge at home.

We are pleased to announce our new commitment in a fourth sport: Gymnastics. As well as in all our projects, we are working together with an experienced and competent partner, the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB).

We are very pleased about this new cooperation as both partners aim to bring the joy of moving to children without any performance pressure following the goal: Whatever the game, let Joy win.

As in the beginning live events with children will be difficult, we decided to start with a digital campaign called somersault challenge: We want to circle the world with somersaults. Everybody can participate from home. Every somersault counts and can be entered on a counter on our website. The campaign is supported by the German gymnastics team and our ambassador, the gymnast and Olympic bronze medalist Sophie Scheder.

The Results


different sports


somersaults needed to circle
the earth in our somersault challenge



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