Archive images. The photos were taken before the health emergency linked to the Covid-19 pandemic


Our Program

The Covid-19 pandemic still had a significant impact on the kinder Joy of Moving activities in Germany. Nevertheless, we focused on our goal to move as many children as possible in our four sports disciplines athletics, basketball, cycling and gymnastics. Thanks to well thought-out hygiene concepts, some events could take place on a smaller scale. For example, the cycling event “kinder Joy of moving mini tour” took place in 5 cities and as a part of the bike race “Eschborn Frankfurt” – both with fewer participants. In athletics the German Sports Badge Tour took place in 2 instead of 10 cities with a limited number of school kids.

On top of that kids could prepare for the Sports Badge at home – with online videos of Frank Busemann, our ambassador of the Sports Badge Tour. The “kinder Joy of moving Basketball Academy” sparked joy for basketball with a series of online tutorials. In gymnastics the digital campaign called somersault challenge is still ongoing. We want to circle the world with somersaults. Everybody can participate from home. Every somersault counts and can be entered on a counter on our website.

The Results


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