Kinder and the joy of childhood

At Kinder, we believe that a happy child today will make a better adult tomorrow and that is why we have always aimed to bring little but important moments of joy to children and families around the world. However, not everyone knows that for years Kinder has also been committed to another important objective: to bring joy to children through moving, encouraging their natural inclination to be active, move and play.

Kinder and the Joy of moving

That is why we started Kinder Joy of moving, an international Ferrero Group Social Responsibility project. To date the Kinder Joy of moving project has inspired 2,6 million children and their families in 33 countries around the world to get active, enjoy moving, and develop life skills in an engaging and joyful way. At the heart of the project is the strong belief that a positive attitude towards movement will make today’s children, better adults tomorrow.

Whatever the game, let joy win

Irrespective of the sports discipline, the playing field and the level of performance or ability of the child, Kinder Joy of moving lets the joy of movement win.
Kinder Joy of moving organizes and supports physical education programs in and out of schools, sporting events for children and school competitions with the aim to guarantee that movement is above all a joy for children. Kinder Joy of moving also runs multidisciplinary events to bring children closer to sport, collaborates with athletes and former champions to inspire, and supports research projects focused on the benefits of an active lifestyle.


To ensure a universal value to the program, we have developed an approach based on binding rules.


Kinder Joy of moving was born in 2005 and has continued to grow with the aim of constantly improving and expanding its programs, acting every time in the direction of reaching effective targets
2.6 mKids moved with joy
Social media users reached
205mSocial media users reached
September 2021 – August 2022
131Sport Federations and Association
€10.8 mTotal investment

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In collaboration with more than 131 partners around the world, KINDER JOY OF MOVING operates locally to organise and suppport a range of projects.

Physical education programmes

It supports and organises physical education programmes both inside and outside of schools, working closely with experts in the field.

Research projects

It works in collaboration with Universities, Ministries of Education and Institutions that support research projects focused on the benefits of leading an active life.

Sports events and school programmes

Together with sports federations, it supports and promotes youth sports programmes and events as well as school initiatives designed to get children involved in sport, through a uniqe philosophy inspired by the "JOY OF MOVING" method.

Multidisciplinary events

It organises camps and events dedicated to children, based on different sports and disciplines.