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Kinder and the joy of childhood

At Kinder, we believe that a happy child today will make a better adult tomorrow and that is why we have always aimed to bring little but important moments of joy to children and families around the world. However, not everyone knows that for years Kinder has also been committed to another important objective: to bring joy to children through moving, encouraging their natural inclination to be active, move and play.

Kinder and the Joy of moving

That is why we started Kinder Joy of moving, an international Ferrero Group Social Responsibility project. To date the Kinder Joy of moving project has inspired 2,6 million children and their families in 28 countries around the world to get active, enjoy moving, and develop life skills in an engaging and joyful way. At the heart of the project is the strong belief that a positive attitude towards movement will make today’s children, better adults tomorrow.

Whatever the game, let joy win

Irrespective of the sports discipline, the playing field and the level of performance or ability of the child, Kinder Joy of moving lets the joy of movement win.
Kinder Joy of moving organizes and supports physical education programs in and out of schools, sporting events for children and school competitions with the aim to guarantee that movement is above all a joy for children. Kinder Joy of moving also runs multidisciplinary events to bring children closer to sport, collaborates with athletes and former champions to inspire, and supports research projects focused on the benefits of an active lifestyle.


To ensure a universal value to the program, we have developed an approach based on binding rules.


Kinder Joy of moving was born in 2005 and has continued to grow with the aim of constantly improving and expanding its programs, acting every time in the direction of reaching effective targets
2.6 mkids moved with joy despite the difficulties related to the pandemic
Social media users reached
81 msocial media users reached
*Period: March-November 2020
120Federations and associations
€10,3 mTotal investment

Learn more about Kinder Joy of moving progress in Ferrero Sustainability Report 2020 >


Kinder Joy of moving operates around the world with high profile, qualified and expert partners, including Institutions, Ministries, Universities, private companies and organizations, five Olympic Committees, 120 sporting Federations and Associations, and the ISF (lnternational School Sport Federation).

Private companies

Private companies

Kinder Joy of moving operates by partnering with private Companies cornrnitled to spread the same values and reach the same goals. It does so, in line with United Nations 2030 Agenda Global Goals, to "strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development".



The 'Kinder Joy of moving Park' is the first permanent park dedicated to kids and their families launched within the Kinder Joy of moving program. It is located inside Vicolungo The Style Outlets, that is owned by Neinver Group.



Kinder and Costa work together to bring the joy of movement to children, wherever they are in the world. Kinder Joy of moving project comes on board Costa ships with its innovative and educational Joy of moving method, specifically designed for children and based on games and movement.

Institutional and educational partners


Kinder Joy of moving works with Institutions and Ministries, and in some Countries, offers specific projects that include the Joy of moving methodology as part of the school curriculum.

Sport partners



DOSB logo

Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund
The German Olympic Sports Confederation is the non-governmental umbrella organization of German sport. It was founded on May 20, 2006, resulting from the merger of the German Sports Confederation (DSB) and the National Olympic Committee for Germany.

Croatian Olimpic Committee

Croatia Olympic Committee
The Croatian Olympic Committee, founded in Zagreb on 10 September 1991, is the highest sports body in Croatia. The COC organizes Croatia's representatives at the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. It also organizes the Croatian contingent at smaller events.

Olympic Committee

Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded in Sarajevo on June 4, 1992 and became a full IOC and European Olympic Committee member in 1993. It is the non-profit organization responsible for training, competition and development of national sports and organizes Bosnia's representatives at the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

Polish Olympic Committee

Polish Olympic Committee (POC)
The Polish Olympic Committee (POC) organizes the participation of the Polish Olympic Team in the Olympic Games and promotes Olympic ideals, principles, and values. It tends to the development of qualified sport, promotes sport for everyone, fights doping, and educates. Kinder Joy of moving has been partner of the Polish Olympic Committee since 2020.



The International School Sport Federation
The International School Sport Federation is a international multisport organisation, recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), gathering more than 132 National School Sport Organisations all around the world.Together with their members, ISF organises several of international sport competitions and non-competitive events for student athletes aged between 13 to 18 years:

  • 10 annual World Schools Championships gathering 10.000 participants from all over the world
  • 1 biennial mega sport event per year combining 10 to 18 sports, called Gymnasiade – ISF School Summer/Winter Games, gathering 1500 to 5000 athletes.
  • 3 specific educational sport events promoting inclusion of young people with disabilities; women health, empowerment and leadership; cultural diversity and Olympism.

ISF and Kinder Joy of moving work together to empower young people as citizens of the world, by promoting a healthy lifestyle, social inclusion, mutual understanding.