Our Program

Kinder+Sport is a global, responsible project developed by Ferrero to support physical activity in the younger generation. It is one of the mainstays of the company and reflects Ferrero's awareness of the need to improve well-being, especially among the young. The program is designed to promote an active lifestyle, stimulate dynamic and sporting activities among children and their families, and encourage them to make physical activity a part of their lives.

The project derives from the knowledge that an active lifestyle develops the mind as much as the body, and is fundamental for a child's education and growth. This is why Kinder+Sport cooperates with national and international sports federations and associations in support of youth sports. By participating in physical education through sport, young people learn the importance of key values such as honesty, friendship, unity, self-confidence and trust in others. Kinder+Sport aims to defend these principles in Argentina, as it does elsewhere in the world.

The Results




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