Our Program

Kinder Joy of moving has been present in Argentina since 2014. In September 2019 we celebrated our 5th anniversary in the country. Our aim is to spread the Joy of moving all over Argentinean children, that is why we permanently organize sports clinics & events. Kinder Joy of moving Inter Schools Sports Encounters became one of the more expected tournaments and more than 5.000 children participate each year.
During these years we have also settled collaboration agreements with several partners. Different sports federations contributed with the amplification and diffusion of the program. We are currently working together with the Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA), the Metropolitan Handball Federation (FeMeBAL) and the Argentine Gymnastics Confederation (CAG).
We also have a partnership with Higher Institute for Physical Education (ISEF). Kinder Joy of moving has sponsored a scientific study to evaluate the incidence of physical activity at early age, as a determinant factor in the fight against childhood sedentary lifestyle.

Together with the National Sports Secretary, within the framework of the “Potencia tu Club” program, we have contributed with sports institutions & clubs located in Buenos Aires. With these public contributions we have facilitated children to get closer to sports by means of sports materials donations, nutritional talks as well as the organization of sports clinics & events hosted by Olympic Medalists and Sports Ambassadors.

The Results


children moved (from 2014 to 2019)


(directly organized by Kinder Joy of moving)