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Our Program

Kinder Joy of moving is the Ferrero Group's international Corporate Social Responsibility program that seeks to bring the joy of moving to children. The program seeks to promote and encourage physical exercise among children and young people, as well as promote healthy lifestyle habits from childhood, to become an integral part of children’s daily routine.
In collaboration with qualified partners and experts in Argentina, Kinder Joy of moving has 5 collaboration agreements with Sports Federations and Associations for the promotion and organization of games and sports events.
The program supports physical education programs, provides technical equipment, promotes championships, supports sports events for children, organizes multidisciplinary campuses to encourage children to practice sports, cooperates with athletes and former champions as "ambassadors" of healthy lifestyle habits and supports academic research projects aimed at spreading the benefits of an active life.

Since 2013, Kinder Joy of moving has promoted, through a collaboration and sponsoring agreement, the activities of the Argentine Volleyball Federation aimed at practicing sports activities related to volleyball for children and young people.

Since 2014, we have been collaborating with the promotion of sport among children and teen-agers thorough the organization of several initiatives related to handball in collaboration with the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Federation of Handball.

Since 2018, Kinder Joy of moving in collaboration with the Argentine Gymnastics Confederation promotes and encourages physical activity among the little ones through the organization of initiatives related to gymnastics, in the following disciplines: general, artistic, rhythmic and aerobic gymnastics.

Through a collaboration agreement with the Higher Institute of Physical Education N ° 1, Kinder Joy of moving promotes cooperation programs for the development of seminars, conferences and training cycles aimed at training, academic and professional improvement at all levels of higher education, oriented to the educational community. Additionally, Kinder Joy of moving stimulates production and cooperation in academic research projects about the rate of physical activity in children and teenagers in order to exchange scientific and technical information.

The Buenos Aires City Institutional Strengthening Program addressed to Social Sports Clubs, is aimed at institutional strengthening of neighborhood clubs so that they can better respond to the demands and needs of their community. Through workshops and seminars, it promotes the integral aspects of training and movement in children and teen-agers. Kinder Joy of moving in collaboration with the “Empoyer your club” Program organizes clinics and sports events in clubs to bring children closer to sport practice.

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