Our Program

COVID-19 Context (2020-2021)

Due to the mandatory confinement during 2020, Kinder Joy of moving Program developed a communication campaign based on TIPS and ACTIVITIES to promote MOVEMENT in the domestic sphere and sharing them in SOCIAL MEDIA.

In this sense, Kinder Joy of moving take the opportunity of virtual ecosystem to strongly deploy Kinder Joy of moving Method and its exercises.

In the second phase of the annual plan (March - September 2021), due to the progressive release of confinement, participation in virtual activities decreased, however, Schools Sport Clubs and Federations maintained restrictions for the organization of face-to-face events until August 2021.

Our main objective was to encourage children to stay active and increase movement as well as fostering the engagement of children and families with the program.

Through the participation of 9 Sport Ambassadors belonging to our 3 partners federations, we deployed the activities and exercises of Kinder Joy of moving Method:

  • Audio visual sport challenges based on Kinder Joy of moving Method developed by Federations Sport Ambassadors.
  • Sports Ambassadors encouraged and motivated children to carry out the challenges and share their progress through the clubs and institutions they represent.
  • Keeping children’s movement while enjoying Kinder Joy of moving Method exercises.
The Results


children reached


sport institutions, as part of
Kinder Joy of moving network including
3 sport federations