Argentina and Italy come together in joy

Argentina and Italy come together in joy

Kinder Joy of moving integration encounter in Buenos Aires

October 5 and 6, Kinder Joy of moving program held a special encounter of social, cultural and sport integration between Italy and Argentina in the context of the Olympic Youth Games (YOG) that took place in Buenos Aires City.

The activities counted with the participation of eight Italian children from the Region of Trentino, who won the T.E.M (test of motor efficiency) from the Trophy Coni Kinder+Sport 2018. The Italian boys and girls, representatives of different sports disciplines, came to Buenos Aires to support the young athletes of the Olympic Committee of their country, the CONI.

The main event took place in the morning of October 6 at the facilities of Sportivo Samoré in Villa Lugano, a social club located in a disadvantaged neighborhood of Buenos Aires. More than 20 argentine children, together with the Italian delegation, enjoyed the practice of various sports as well as sports clinics. All participants could acquire the Joy of moving philosophy by playing all together as one team. Sportivo Samoré Club has been part of Kinder Joy of moving program in Argentina from two years’ time. In this occasion, they also received various items of sports equipment, as part of a public contribution to promote sport practice among children of less favored neighborhoods and to reinforce the transmission of Kinder Joy of moving values such as love and enjoyment for sports practice as well as solidarity, partnership, integration and social inclusion.

After the encounter, the children also enjoyed breakfast together and exchanged souvenirs and pennants. In addition to this multisport event, the winners of the CONI - Kinder+Sport TEM tournament, had the opportunity to attend to the Young Olympic Games in Buenos Aires. They also participated in a cultural and historical sightseeing of Buenos Aires and were received by the Italian Ambassador in Argentina while sharing the venue with Italian Young Athletes.

These bilateral encounter, promoted by Kinder Joy of moving, received extensive media attention and coverage, allowing to reinforce diffusion and the awareness of Kinder Joy of moving activities in Argentina as Ferrero’s CSR Program.

Kinder Joy of moving landed in Argentina in 2014 and has moved more than 86.000 children up to 2017-2018, by means of sports events and clinics, pubic contributions made to different neighborhood & clubs, as well as alliances with sports federations such as FeVa (Federación del Voleibol Argentino) and Femebal (Federación Metropolitana de Balonmano).