Let’s train! The Joy of Moving method in Brazil and UK

Let’s train! The Joy of moving method in Brazil and UK

The Joy of moving method aims to support children in motor development and capacity building, to promote the pleasure of movement and contribute to their growth.

In Brazil, from October 2nd to 3rd 2018, the implementation of the Joy of moving program began in Poços de Caldas. Four Italian specialists, members of the Kinder+Sport team, together with some Brazilian university professors, trained 120 teachers from the public network in the city.

The training in Poços de Caldas also supplied the whole structure with teaching materials for schools, already translated into Portuguese, such as the explanatory guide, practical manuals with orientation of the activities, explanatory booklets for children and their families, forms that let children make their own assessments in a funny way and posters to be placed in the rooms of the school, with blank spaces so that they can complete them creatively. Moreover, the program provides a link to the e-learning online platform, www.joyofmovingeducation.com, which is being adapted to Portuguese. Brazil is the first country, after Italy, to receive a complete training of the Joy of moving method. The method will be applied, initially, in Poços de Caldas (MG), where the Ferrero factory is located and where the company launched the Kinder+Sport program two years ago, but the big goal is to extend the project to other cities in Minas Gerais until 2020.

In United Kingdom, Kinder+Sport team has been engaged in continuing the teaching activity on the Joy of moving method, within the Move and Learn project. At the end of October, the Joy of moving specialists did theoretical and practical training for a group of football instructors. The goal was to train them on the methodology so that children can benefit from it also as they approach football.