Youth sports games in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovi

Youth sports games in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Youth Sports Games are the biggest amateur sports event in Europe. The competition includes 10 disciplines, whose tournaments are disputed from spring to summer, and aims to develop fundamental values: tolerance, solidarity, friendship and fair play.

In the last 22 years, the Games gathered over 1,500.000 participants across three countries – Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina – bringing them together to make them play all sports disciplines for free. In 2018, in Croatia only, the Games gathered over 61.400 competitors.

Youth Sports Games are committed to build responsible individuals, who are at the foundation of our society, through sport, education and strong media activities, promoting healthy lifestyle and positive social values among children and their parents. The organization tries to do that by connecting participants and parents, business, local communities, sports community and media.

Kinder+Sport and Youth Sports Games started their journey in 2010 by supporting Street Basketball Tournament. The effective support of Kinder+Sport over the years enabled the basketball competition to grow to a series of well-organized tournaments. In fact, the format has earned the respect of the basketball community and a great popularity within kids.

During 2018, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kinder+Sport CUP in basketball cheered up girls and boys in 34 towns around the country providing them with incredible fun. Kids in all of the cities were fighting for the title in basketball, assigned at the Sarajevo Finals and at the International Finals in Split.

Throughout the eight-year period of the Games in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 264,850 children came from Sarajevo, Mostar, Bijeljina, Livno, Doboj, Srebrenica...Together they celebrated victories and struggled in defeats, enjoying the first friendships. That’s why Youth Sports Games gained the reputation of the most beautiful sports story in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Indeed, the Games are not just a sporting event among many: the event is deeply rooted into the local communities, as it gives a chance to all the kids and it brings an inspirational energy to their lives, committing to grow up the future leaders of a better society. That’s why it boasts the strong support of the corporate sector, but also the recognition of governments, institutions and individuals.