Our Program

KJOM has been a reality in Spain since 2006. Hundreds of thousands of children have been able to access sport and the educational culture of sport thanks to school programs organized over the years with numerous national sports federations such as the Athletics Federation, the Basketball Federation, The Sailing Federation and the Volleyball Federation among others.

Currently the school programs of volleyball (Pequevolei) and Athletics (Generación Atletismo), are accompanied by the summer programs of the Ecomar Foundation which offer children the opportunity to learn to sail and to know the importance of the marine medium, its wealth and the urgency of its preservation. In summer, thanks to KJOM, families have the opportunity to send their children to one of the Kinder Joy of moving football campuses, organized by the Futbol y Valors Foundation. Inclusive campuses where boys and girls of all ages and conditions learn the value of coexistence and acceptance of diversity, in a unique environment where you can breathe our values based on education, altruism and fair play.


The Results