Tennis Trophy fit Kinder Joy of moving

Tennis Trophy fit Kinder Joy of moving in Italy


The month of March kicked off the 16th edition of the Tennis Trophy Fit Kinder Joy of moving throughout Italy.

Children and young athletes were so enthusiastic about the restart of the most fun Tennis tournament, which in Italy calls Tennis Trophy Fit Kinder Joy of moving, so that 126 tournaments were organised in 228 events throughout Italy, ending in August with the National Master in Rome. Given the high number of participants, precautions have been taken to avoid crowds, but this has not limited the enthusiasm and desire to be back and have fun with the Mini and Junior tournaments. This year saw also the third edition of the Junior Wheelchair circuit, an event dedicated to inclusion that took place in seven stages around Italy.

During the tournament, a very special match was played, testifying the inclusive nature of the sport: Lorenzo Valentini, a 9-year-old boy with motor disabilities, took part in an under main draw for able-bodied people. Although it was the first game of its kind, we know it won't be the last. It will just be the start of a new adventure that confirms the commitment of the Kinder Joy of moving project to promote inclusivity, joy of movement and fair play.

After a very difficult period, the desire to restart sports activities was strong. We are only at the beginning of a new year full of emotions, but we know that we will go far, teaching young tennis players to believe in themselves and in the power of the joy of movement, planning the restart of the Tennis Trophy also at an international level.