Archive images. The photos were taken before the health emergency linked to the Covid-19 pandemic

Enjoy the sport wherever you are with the Kinder Joy of moving e-platform!

Since 2018, a unique educational and sports project called Kinder Joy of moving Alternative PE lessons has been carried out in Poland as part of the Kinder Joy of moving programme. The project aims to encourage primary school pupils to actively participate in physical education lessons, and their teachers to search for new solutions to make the lessons more interesting and engaging. Is this possible? Of course! Well, as it turns out, all it takes is to combine the sporting fun with new technologies.

With thirteen specifically designed interactive movement zones, participants of the Kinder Joy of moving Alternative PE lessons can explore the joy of moving in a new dimension! By the winter of 2020, 21.000 children and more than 12.000 primary school teachers from across Poland had participated in the Kinder Joy of moving Alternative PE lessons project. Of course, all that changed when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, and the whole world went into remote mode.

And just as our world changed, the Kinder Joy of moving Alternative PE lessons project went online. When developing the Kinder Joy of moving Alternative PE lessons e-platform, we wanted it to be:

• freely accessible so no login or any fees would be required to use it,
• user-friendly for people of all ages, hence its simple and straightforward structure,
• full of relevant content, that is why all materials are developed by experts and specialists,
• diverse and engaging, that is why the available database of knowledge and inspirations is constantly being expanded.

In mid-October 2020, we launched the Kinder Joy of moving Alternative PE lessons e-platform, where physical education teachers and parents of early school-age children can find a wealth of knowledge and lots of inspiration. The e-platform offers:

• knowledge quizzes on Olympic education
• podcasts featuring Sports Champions
• articles on the importance of physical activity in everyone's life, written by experts
• video tutorials featuring general fitness exercises aimed for the youngest children, which can be done safely in the home environment
• videos featuring sports training sessions for teenagers
• specially designed board games, which can be easily downloaded and printed at home
• sets of family games and activities

The Kinder Joy of moving e-platform was created under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Sport and the Polish Olympic Committee and in cooperation with the former athlete and Olympian Monika Pyrek. One thing worth mentioning is that physical education teachers already rate the e-platform as an excellent teaching tool not only for the difficult times of the pandemic, but also for the times that will come once the pandemic is over!