Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Our Program

A record-breaking 1300 children and their families participated to our 4th Kinder+Sport in Hong Kong on Saturday, January 7th. The event also raised K HKD for our charity of choice, the Sports for Youth Foundation, which promotes and supports sports amongst young people. The Kinder+Sport spokesperson, popular HK actor Louis Cheung, together with local celebrities Jack Wu, Leila Tong, Heidi Chu and Chu Fun brought their kids along to support this important event.

Their participation helped garner strong media attendance and coverage, with 11 key publications attending, including the leading Apple Daily, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News and HK01. To date, Kinder+Sport saw 41 stories on key media platforms: 33 online publications, 6 newspapers, and even 2 TV stations (including the immensely popular TVB). On social media, attending celebrities posted before, during and after the event. We also brought the event online via Facebook live broadcast. All together, the event generated 47,000 views on Facebook, with more coverage to come!

The Results


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