Signing The Kinder+Sport Manifesto

Signing the Kinder+Sport Manifesto

Ban Ki-moon and Roberto Baggio signed the Kinder+Sport Manifesto


On the occasion of the World Food Day, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon together with FAO Ambassador Roberto Baggio, arrived at Kinder+Sport Area in Expo Milano 2015 to participate to United Kinder of the World, an event organised by Kinder+Sport in order to send the message that a healthy life style cannot be achieved without proper physical activity.

U.N. Secretary-General, welcomed by Ferrero S.p.A. President, Ambassador Francesco Paolo Fulci, visited the motor-ludic path of Kinder+Sport Area where thousands of children from all over the world came daily during these six months of Expo Milano 2015.

Ban Ki-moon wanted to be informed in details on the Kinder+Sport Project and expressed his support as Secretary-General of the United Nations signing together with Roberto Baggio the Joy of moving Manifesto which supports the education of all children in the world to active life styles. A Manifesto which has become a concrete tool in order to spread the message of the Joy of moving and which collected the enthusiastic support of hundreds of athletes, international sport champions, Ministries, politicians and representatives of international organizations.

Over 40.000 persons have already signed the Manifesto because they believe that the culture of the physical activity among young people and the method promoted by Kinder+Sport needs to be further communicated and adopted by schools and associations in the various Countries because it is efficient and innovative. Adding up to these people support, today also Ban Ki-Moon has given his important endorsment which underlines the world relevance of this project and the further need to spread more and more this project and involve even more children.

At the end of the visit, the Secretary-General of United Nations, accompanied by Ambassador Francesco Paolo Fulci and Roberto Baggio has attended the mini-futsal match 3vs3 between kids from Italy and kids of different nationalities, children of UN employees, held at the Kinder+Sport Area. Sport and physical activity are above all vehicles of socialization and integration, and this has been the principal message of the event. A match which celebrates with its message of union the incredible experience of Kinder+Sport at Expo Milano 2015 which has seen thousands of children from numerous nations meet and play right in this wonderful Arena.

United Kinder of the World has been presented by Adriano Bacconi, trainer, athletic preparator and TV commenter and concluded with the award of the United Kinder of the World pin from President of Ferrero S.p.A. Ambassador Francesco Paolo Fulci to the Segretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki- moon and to Roberto Baggio.


The children who took part to the match were awarded with Kinder+Sport pennant delivered by Roberto Baggio with whom they had the chance to take some pictures as to remember this unique moment.