ISF Gymnasyade

Kinder Joy of Moving and ISF together for the ISF U15 Gymnasyade


Kinder Joy of moving has joined the International School Sport Federation (ISF) to host 3,000 children from all over the world at the ISF U15 Gymnasiade, in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from August 19th to 27th, 2023.

Kinder Joy of moving and ISF have teamed up once again for the development of activities aimed at moving as many youngsters as possible and spreading the culture of movement as a principle of a joyful life.
Together Kinder Joy of moving and ISF share the positive values of sport as an experience of growth, relationships, friendship, fair play, multiculturalism and inclusion: we engage generations of young people through an inclusive approach based on respect, integration and mutual understanding.  
ISF, the International School Sports Federation since 1972, is dedicated to educating through sport, and is the perfect partner for Kinder Joy of moving because it matches with our mission and goals. Every year it organizes events involving students from all over the world to practice different sports and discover all the pleasures and values of a healthy life with movement.

The ISF U15 Gymnasiade gathered more than 3,000 student athletes, aged 12 to 15 years old, from over 70 countries who competed in 22 different sports disciplines during a celebration of athleticism, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

To conclude the festivities a Fair Play Trophy was awarded to recognize people who distinguished themselves during the event by demonstrating loyalty, respect, and honesty during the matches.

“Our second edition was an important steppingstone in the journey of this event, having taken the world of school sports to one of the most internationally recognised sporting nations, Brazil – said ISF president Laurent Petrynka. Having hosted major international sport events, we were all aware of what to expect from our time in Rio de Janeiro; a combination of sporting excellence and educational growth, alongside an explosion of culture and celebration in a vibrant nation enriched by a strong history of sporting achievement”.

ISF U15 Gymnasiade was not just a simple sporting event, but an opportunity for young people to meet and find excellent facilities ready to welcome them.
Moreover, the cooperation with International Federations and the local sports movement was an additional plus that provided a fantastic experience for all young participants.
The cultural program was very special and helped highlight various aspects of the history and culture of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.