Let’s relive the best of 2016 and prepare for a 2017 rich in new events!

Let’s relive the best of 2016 and prepare for a 2017 rich in new events!

2016 has been a winning year for the values that Kinder+Sport has always promoted: the joy of moving, of growing together, of multiculturalism and solidarity.
It was the year of Ferrero’s 70th Anniversary, and a wave of events and initiatives has further enriched our programme of activities.
From Mexico to France, from India to Poland, passing through the Rio 2016 Olympics and the spread of the Joy of moving method: thanks to many different partnerships, the international reach of our innovative educational method, the support of our sports ambassadors and the organisation of tournaments and summer camps, #joyofmoving has affected the newer generations in many different countries. Let’s relive the best of 2016, and prepare for a 2017 rich in new events!

The five memorable moments of 2016:



One of our most moving and unforgettable moments was certainly the presence of Kinder+Sport at the Rio 2016 Olympics, an extraordinary opportunity for Ferrero Brazil, Ferrero Italy and Ferrero Germany to work side by side with the central team to promote the Joy of moving.
Before the great event, the Kinder+Sport 1clic 2016 “We support sports” initiative generated nearly 31,000 online “Olas” to support the Italian Olympic team, with record numbers: over 206,000 users voted their preferred “Ola” , whilst a jury formed by Alessandra Sensini, Carlton Myers, Massimiliano Rosolino and Valerio Aspromonte awarded several special prizes.
Partner of the Italian Olympic Committee CONI for the third time in supporting the Italian Team, which conquered an unprecedented number of medals, Rio 2016 was also a record-breaking event for Kinder+Sport Italy, which became the top Italian sponsor of the event on social networks, with an astounding 7.5 million contacts on its Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Kinder+Sport Germany also took part in the Games through a strong partnership with the German Olympic and Paralympic teams, always a source of inspiration for the young generations. Kinder+Sport welcomed athletes and visitors in a special lounge at the home of the German team, a space for relaxing and social interaction between the athletes, the press and the public.
In full Olympic spirit, and in collaboration with CONI and the international organisation ActionAid, Kinder+Sport provided its support to bestow an Olympic legacy to Rio: and educational and social project that will be implemented in the Rochina and Cidade de Deus favelas, to contribute to a better future by offering safe places for children to practice sports, play, and learn to grow.
And there’s more: thanks to the contribution of our sports ambassadors Jury Chechi, Andrea Lucchetta, Fiona May, Carlton Myers, Massimiliano Rosolino, Antonio Rossi, Elisa Santoni and Alessandra Sensini, the children of the favelas have discovered the Joy of moving and the great opportunity that sports offers for social growth and as a lever for change.


But 2016 wasn’t only the year of the Olympics. It was also the year of our 70th Anniversary. And Kinder+Sport celebrated the event in true Joy of moving spirit. In Alba, where Ferrero was first established, over 600 ferrerians took part, together with their extended families, in a day of sports and fun at the Village+Sport. Divided into two teams, “Joy” and “Moving”, they challenged each other in disciplines such as basketball and archery, five-a-side football and bubble soccer, sports quizzes and Zumba. #joyofmoving was the heart and soul of the day, in pure Ferrero style.

In Luxemburg also 600 participants celebrated this important anniversary with a day dedicated to #joyofmoving, first with a visit to the workplace with friends and family, and then at the Luxemburg Football Federation, where adults and children spent a day of fun and games and watched spectacular performances in a truly joyous spirit.

At Stadtallendorf, in Germany, nearly 12 thousand ferrerians spent an entire weekend with friends and families at the Herrenwald stadium, in which a #joyofmoving area had been created.
A success for Kinder+Sport, celebrated with many different activities that entertained the families and a truly special opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of physical activities in our daily routines.

In the United Kingdom, the Anniversary was celebrated by a Hero Event: it wasn’t only about the 70th. Ferrero UK was also holding its 50th birthday, and the double celebration was held under the flag of Kinder+Sport in a special day that saw 45 teams of 10 people each challenge each other in many different disciplines and activities, on and off the field.

In the Principality of Monaco, 120 ferrerians and their families, under the leadership of Olympic champion Marco di Costanzo, joined the charity run No Finish Line, during which every kilometre raced raises a euro for the “Children&Future” association. In Holland celebrations were held in the spirit of Sinterklaas (Father Christmas), with the company offices converted into a children’s game paradise.


Many activities have been organised around the world by the various Kinder+Sport teams. France registered a great success for the initiative called “Qui court donne” (Who runs gives), that converts kilometres run by all members of each participating family into charity donations.
Our Dutch colleagues organised a visit of the Dutch Olympic Committee to the Village+Sport in Alba for a day of understanding of #joyofmoving. In Poland, former champion Sebastian Swiderski was invited by the Olympic Committee to hold a conference dedicated to Sports in Schools, in front of an audience of Principals, teachers, representatives of the Ministry for Education and former champions.

And again, in the United Kingdom, Kinder+Sport held a reception in Parliament to celebrate Ferrero’s commitment to the promotion of sports and movement in children. Kinder+Sport activities were also held in the Far East: Kinder+Sport Runs in Taiwan and South Korea attracted 2500 children, and in Russia the partnership between Kinder+Sport and the National Fencing Team grew even stronger with a cultural exchange between Italy and Russia entirely dedicated to the Joy of moving programme.

In Italy, the National Fencing Team visited the Village+Sport during the Fencing Grand Prix. And Kinder+Sport continued with its very successful Summer Camps, with special events held in Rome, in the Dolomiti, and around various beach resorts from Tuscany to Sicily.


Children have always been at the heart of the Kinder+Sport Mission. That is why, as a legacy of EXPO MILANO 2015, the Joy of moving method officially premiered in Italian schools.
At the beginning of the year Kinder+Sport organised a tour of the seven schools that had won a photo contest launched during the extraordinary experience of EXPO. The prize for the competition was a complete training on the Joy of moving method held by the Village+Sport trainers. The experience turned out to be extremely positive and proved not only how efficient the method is, but also how interested teachers are in introducing the method within national schools.

At the Village+Sport in Alba #joyofmoving also held a lead role. The Village has become the “home” of Kinder+Sport and has held regular courses for children and adults during the year, as well as the Summer Day Camp, a five-week event that offers children aged 5 to 12 full days of activities, entirely dedicated this year to #joyofmoving.
2016 has also seen the first international application of the method. In India four Village+Sport trainers spent time at the Pietro Ferrero Kinder Garden in Baramati and at this year’s Summer Camp, the second held in India, where they took charge of 400 children aged 6 to 12, and prepared 18 local trainers with a specialised workshop. In Mexico also the Village+Sport trainers worked side by side with local instructors in a training that was part of the wider “Kinder Generatión en Movimento” project in Mexico City and San Jose Iturbide.
The method finally arrived in France where, at Le Village Kinder, the Summer Camps were held under the guiding principles of #joyofmoving.


During 2016 Kinder+Sport further developed its important partnership with ISF with a rich calendar of events: first at L’Aquila, for the traditional World Student Ski Championships, with over a thousand competitors aged 14 to 18 from 18 different countries. Then the European Students Games, the Asia Pacific Games and the Gymniaside, that is held every 4 years and in which students from all over the world compete in athletics, swimming and gymnastics. The World Futsal Championship brought 550 competitors to Croatia: over 30 teams, boys and girls, from 21 countries. In Lille and Lens The European “Euro Schools Football” Championship was held with 1000 young players from 24 European nations and two special guests: Brazil and India. In the worlds of Laurent Petrynka, ISF Chairman, “Young people want to be inspired by events such as Euro 2016, but it is they who, in turn, inspire adults”.
A perfect description of the Kinder+Sport school of thought: encourage tomorrow’s generations to find in sports and movement the values of respect and multiculturality, for a life inspired by #joyofmoving.