Kinder+Sport at Expo Milano 2015: A Year Later!

Kinder+Sport at Expo Milano 2015: A Year Later!

A year has gone by since the beginning of the Kinder+Sport experience at Expo Milano 2015, an amazing project that - thanks to the collaboration with MIUR (Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research), CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) and Expo, has been a great success.

Yes! We were there! An exclamation which summarizes the Joy, the enthusiasm, the happiness and the desire to play together and share passion and friendship of thousands of children who visited Kinder+Sport Area at Expo Milano 2015. The term "visited" is somewhat reductive, "lived" is a much better way of saying it. The experience of Expo Milano 2015 has left not only memories, but images, emotions and smiles which are indelible in our minds, and spread a shared feeling in many children and in those who have collaborated and continue to collaborate with Kinder+Sport: the pride of having taken part in it, even if for just one day, and the desire to continue every day that incredible experience.

This was our challenge, the challenge of Ferrero Group with Kinder+Sport at Expo: to share with thousands of children from all over the world the JOY OF MOVING and to leave in people's minds an important message. The message was and still is the unique beauty of experiencing together the satisfaction and the pleasure of practicing sports, playing, learning and growing up together under a common denominator: Movement.
100.000 children, 230.000 visitors are just some of the figures of this extraordinary event! From that experience positive relations have begun that are producing and will produce great results in the future.

One year has gone by since the opening of Expo Milano 2015 and we can state that this has not just been an event for Kinder+Sport and Ferrero, but the beginning of constructive and productive relations with the world of sports, institutions and schools with the aim of taking a new educational model around the world: the Joy of moving Method, conceived and studied by university researchers and by specialists and supported by scientific research in order to offer to all children better opportunities of growing up and becoming conscious adults.



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