Kinder+Sport Joy of moving lands to Russia

Kinder Joy of moving lands to Russia

Kinder Joy of moving has landed in Russia by becoming a partner of Starkids children’s races: the races for youngest athletes, taking place before the Ironstar triathlon, involving many cities in Russia from May till October, spreading Joy of moving amongst children and adults.

The Ironstar triathlon, already held in Sochi and Zavidovo, will also touch the cities of Kazan, Kaliningrad and Sochi again and Kinder Joy of moving will support children throughout all five stages, making these competitions a bright and memorable event for each child.

Kinder Joy of moving will also be present in Sochi and Kazan with Kinder Joy of moving areas where children can prepare for competitions, take part in different activities and find new friends. In keeping with the Joy of moving values, children and their parents will be able to capture this important event in a company photo zone, where every young participant, regardless of how well they did, becomes a winner!