RIO 2016: an astounding success for Team Kinder+Sport

RIO 2016: an astounding success for Team Kinder+Sport

The Rio Olympics provided an excellent opportunity for the Kinder+Sport project. Ferrero Italy, Ferrero Brazil and Ferrero Germany worked side by side together with the Central Team to promote the Joy of moving.

Teamwork is key at any Olympic venue, and the Ferrero Group proved its team spirit and left a strong mark on the Games and their effects on local communities.

In partnership with the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) and the international organization ActionAid, Ferrero Group has pledged its support to an Olympic Legacy for the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro: an educational and social initiative that continues on from the Games and will leave a sporting legacy to the city.

The project will be implemented inside the Rocinha and Cidade de Derus favelas to provide a safe venue where children will be able to practise sports, play, learn and grow.

Rio 2016 has been a perfect platform for the promotion of the Joy of moving method, that will contribute to a better future to the children of the Favelas through their personal commitment to a more active citizenship that will, in turn, favour their development into positive and responsible adults.