Summer at the Village with the Joy of Moving!

Summer at the Village with the Joy of moving!

The Summer of 2016 has seen an important change in The Village – the Alba sports centre that has become the home of Kinder+Sport. This year, all the Day Camp activities have been tailored on the Joy of moving method. Developed by the "Foro Italico" University in Rome together with Miur, the Regional branch of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) the City of Alba and Soremartec, the method has significantly improved the quality of the time spent by children in the camp. All sports are now proposed with the same approach: motor skills, social skills and cognitive skills are all stimulated together through different games and unusual disciplines such as badminton, slicklining and skateboard. "Learning comes from a reprogramming, an effort to approach problem solving with a varied range of solutions", says Fabrizio Martino, Camp organizer. "That is why we propose many different experiences to the children, to enrich both mind and body". And it is all through fun and games.

Professional instructors who graduated in motor skills specialise in a three year training course on the Joy of moving method. Their assistants, young men and women who originally took part in the Camp's activities as students, also receive a special training.

And so the 5 to 12 year old children, who enter the Camp at 9.00 in the morning and leave at 6.00 in the evening, receive a full day of attention, with activities that alternate between sports and games, and never last more than 50 minutes each.

There are lessons in magic, song and theatre, but also games of football, volleyball, basketball and tennis. A wide range of options to suit each child – and they are many: up to 165 a week, and 650 in total in 2016.