1st ISF World Ultimate School Championship

1st ISF World Ultimate School Championship


For the first time ever ISF - International Schools Sport Federation, in partnership with Kinder Joy of moving, embraced the Ultimate discipline, for 6 days of international fun, sport and movement in Le Mans (France). The championship hosted 10 mixed teams of 15-18 years old boys and girls, coming from 8 different nations: Belgium, Colombia, England, France, India, Italy, Slovak Republic, Spain.

Ultimate is a special sport that quickly seduces by its immediacy and spectacularity while a disc, two teams and a field are enough to practice it. To score a point the team must advance to reach the opponent's goal by passing the disc, with the player holding the disc not being allowed to run. Ultimate is a complete team sport with something really special: the absence of the referee, being based on self-refereeing, sportsmanship, rules and opponent respect. A sport perfectly displaying the game spirit of Kinder Joy of moving activities and values.

It has been a rich program, that of the 6 days in Le Mans. Delegations reached the location on Monday, June 24th and competitions started the next day, with the Opening Ceremony taking place at the University’s presentation hall, with 1 boy and 1 girl per delegation parading as flag bearers dressed in their official team suit. On the next days, besides competitions there has been other important moments of sharing between delegations: the Nations Night, organized to encourage cultural exchanges between delegations on the 26th, the Cultural Day in the old town of Le Mans and the School Sport Foundation dinner on the 27th.

The finals and the Closing Ceremony took place at the Antarès, Sport and Event Hall, with medals and trophies assignment, on the 28th. On the same occasion the Kinder+Sport Fair Play Trophy has been assigned to the team that stood out most for its fair play and fairness towards opponents.