The 37th edition of the Skiri Trophy Xcountry

The 37th Skiri Trophy Xcountry


Even for the 2020 edition, Kinder Joy of moving stood with Gruppo Sportivo Castello di Fiemme to organize the cross-country race scheduled at The Cross Country Stadium of Lago di Tesero, on 18 and 19 of January.

Val di Fiemme hosted the 37th Skiri Trophy XCountry edition, the cross-country race FIS (International Ski Federation), FISI (Italian Winter Sports Federation) and Comitato Trentino FISI recognized, proudly supported by Kinder Joy of moving, even in 2020. Shared values such as fair play, family and friendship, which are found in the two days of competition in which children, coming from different nations, from Iberian Spain and Andorra to neighbouring Slovenia and Bulgaria, not least faraway Brazil and many more, experience not only sport, but also the importance of integration and bond of friendship, inside and outside the track.

A standing appointment, the one at Lago di Tesero, which sees the young athletes of the 4 categories - Baby, Cuccioli, Ragazzi and Allievi - challenging each other in the classic technique style competition and that, also for this year, was a partner event of the World Snow Day, on the occasion of the ninth edition of the World Snow Day 2019/2020.

1,300 young athletes, coming from 7 countries, that lived two days of sport and fun: Kinder Joy of moving was there with activities and games proposed at the Joy of moving Village, to let the children and their families enjoy two days of joy, in the name of friendship.

Thus, also for this edition, Kinder Joy of moving awarded the young athlete who distinguished himself (or herself) for correctness towards opponents in the race, in terms of fair play, friendship and integration. The Kinder Joy of moving Fair Play Trophy was won by Marco Ianniello: in the last 100 meters of the race, one of the skis fell off, the coach's attempts to reattach it were vain and so Marco decided to continue and honor the competition despite having only one ski.”

Even in 2020 the program was very rich: races started Saturday 18 in the afternoon and continued in the morning of Sunday 19. Skiri Trophy does not live just on the track: Saturday night was the moment for the nations ceremony, with the parade of all the representative, of the torchlight procession with the lighting of the tripod and of the inaugural show: it was a spectacular and unique gathering moment for young athletes.

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