Enjoy Summer Vacation Fun

Play with former China football captain Ma Mingyu and Enjoy Summer Vacation Fun

On 16 July, the 2022 "Kinder Joy of moving - Enjoy the Summer on Green Fields" was convivially launched at Longfor Paradise Walk in Hangzhou. After the joy of the "New Year Fun moving" winter event at the beginning of the year, the "Kinder Joy of moving" summer campaign returned with the active theme of ball games, letting children share time in moving games with their families this summer. Ma Mingyu, a famous Chinese footballer and the former captain of the China national football team, took on the role of "Kinder Joy of moving" Ambassador for the first time, joining the kick-off ceremony with Yang Lianjun, General Manager of Ferrero Hangzhou Factory, to introduce children to the joys of the world's most popular sport.

This summer’s campaign integrated football games with the "4 Fs" of Fun, Friendship, Fair Play & Family that Kinder Joy of moving promotes, to bring a moving carnival to children. In the "Dribble in the colorful lane" game, children and their parents worked together to dribble a ball around corners and mobilize their coordination. Ma Mingyu, Yang Lianjun and the children formed parent-child teams in the "Ball-tossing" game, where each person had a basket tied to their head and everyone tried to throw balls into the other teams' baskets. In addition to these creative games, Ma Mingyu led the children in a "Summer Football Camp", teaching them some basic football skills.

Following the implementation of the "double ease" policy in China, children experienced their first summer vacation without extracurricular tutoring. Children with less homework had more opportunities to participate in diverse activities during the summer break. By bringing a moving carnival to children without an entry barrier, Kinder hopes to enrich summer vacations with the joy of moving. "Kinder Joy of moving" is committed to the principle of "Whatever the game, let joy win" and believes that regardless of the sport, when and where it takes place or at what level the children are, the most important thing is to harvest happiness and healthy growth from playing sports.

By providing fun moving games that are also family interactive, "Kinder Joy of moving" creates happy moments for the whole family. According to the latest Kinder barometer report, partaking in sports together can be one of the happiest moments for parents and their children. 98% of parents believe that playing sports together is a way to share parent-child time and can help children in their education and development. Through interactive sports, the "Kinder Joy of moving" project hopes not only to make moving games a bond between parent and child, but also to help children embrace an active lifestyle.

Ma Mingyu, Kinder Joy of moving Ambassador, said: "Interest is always key to developing sporting habits. The Kinder Joy of moving project leverages the exciting experience of football and brings a joyful energy to the summer for children. The project ignites the children’s interest in sports and their love for football and offers a dedicated moment for parents to spend quality time with their children during the pandemic."

Yang Lianjun, General Manager of Ferrero Hangzhou Factory, said: "Hangzhou is the location of Ferrero's only manufacturing factory in China, a vital production center in Asia. In line with our commitment to the local community, this year, we bring the Kinder Joy of moving project to Hangzhou, spreading fun and joy to Hangzhou families."

With the " Enjoy the Summer on Green Fields " event, this season's "Kinder Joy of moving" is coming to an end. Thousands of families have explored the joy of moving games through offline events and online activations. "Kinder Joy of moving" will always be there with children and their families.