Tennis Trophy 6th edition

Tennis Trophy 6th edition


Kinder Joy of moving Tennis Trophy is back!
The tournament continues to grow, as always spreading values of personal growth, integration, and fair play with the aim to bring the new generations closer to the culture of movement.

The Kinder Joy of moving Tennis Trophy, now in its sixth international edition, was born in 2006 from an idea of the professional tennis player Rita Grande, former Italian champion, in collaboration with Kinder Joy of moving with the support of the local Tennis Federations.

In 2022 edition 12 countries are involved where girls and boys aged 9 to 12 will play on the various tennis courts of their respective nations and will have the chance to participate in the International Master that, like last year, will be held at the Rafa Nadal Academy from October 31 to November 3.
The tournament is now ready to start in Croatia, France, Malta, Monaco, Poland, Romania, and for the first time Cape Verde, being already started in Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria and Luxembourg.

What makes this tournament special and unique is that every match is played without referees: the young players have the opportunity to have fun, on and off the tennis court, and give the best of themselves guided by a highly educational code of fair play.

But that's not all.
In this edition the experience goes beyond the simple match, inspiring children and their families with memories and learnings that they will take into their daily lives.
More than a trophy, a joyful experience!

Unforgettable moments of sharing between families and children are essential, indeed there will also be moments of families’ active participation and open days for everyone as an extra opportunity to have fun and get closer to tennis even for those who have not yet had the possibility to discover this sport.

Beyond the results on the courts, fair play and friendship will be the real stars of the 2022 edition of the Kinder Joy of moving Tennis Trophy.

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