The one and only non-competitive tournament, based on friendship and fair play, is back in its 7th edition, full of joy and fun for all the families: a unique opportunity for an unforgettable time to team up together.

The Kinder Joy of moving Tennis Trophy is an international tournament that perfectly reflects the mission of the Kinder Joy of moving project: it aims to inspire young players and their families around the world to get active in an engaging and joyful way with the belief that a positive attitude towards movement will make today’s children, better adults tomorrow.

As such, the Tennis Trophy is much more than a simple sporting competition; it also promotes values such as confidence, integration, friendship, and respect.

Girls and boys aged 9 to 12 are ready to take to the court in 10 different countries: Italy, France, Poland, Luxembourg, Austria, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Cape Verde for its second historic participation.
The tournament has already started in Italy and Austria and will soon begin in Bulgaria and in the other countries in the upcoming months.

A special tournament that is different from others because every match is played without referees.
The players themselves are called upon to field decisions thus increasing their autonomy and decision-making skills, and giving their best while guided by a highly educational code of fair play.

After the great success of the previous editions, the Junior Wheelchair sector is also in great expansion and after its deployment in Italy, it will continue this year during the various stages of the French edition.

Furthermore, Open Days are available for everyone to discover this wonderful sport. During the Tennis Trophy, they become an opportunity to meet others and a time for sharing with the people involved.

In fact, the tournament includes not only the participation of children in 1-on-1 matches but also different encounters based on mixed pairs of nationalities or genders, as well as parent-child matches.

It’s the place where tennis goes beyond the simple match, and becomes an opportunity to team up with others. Many different players for many different unforgettable memories: children, families, and ambassadors come together to live and spread the values of the project.
More than a trophy, a joyful experience!

The Kinder Joy of moving Tennis Trophy, now in its seventh international edition, was created in 2006 from an idea by professional tennis player Rita Grande, former Italian champion, in collaboration with Kinder Joy of moving and with the support of local Tennis Federations.

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