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Easter is approaching and we have come up with some activities to make this family holidays fun and carefree. It is one of the most important holiday season of the year to share with your family and it is even more important to include fun and stimulating activities for children. That’s why we propose 4 games that can be done at home with kids, also for those not celebrating the Festivity, to have fun and live together little moments of joy. A new chance for Kinder joy of moving to be close to families during these particular times and demonstrate how moving together with kids is a great occasion for their development and growth.

Simple and amusing games, some of them connected with the Easter tradition, besides a new board game inspired by the Kinder Joy of moving method, in order to make kids and parents keep moving and live together little moments of joy resuming many of the JOM Games that have accompanied us in the past few months.

The bunny race
Provide each member of the family with a sack in which to enter, define a starting and a finish line, start jumping and… may the best win!

The leg-balloon race
One starting and one finish line, one balloon each to put between the leg. 3, 2, 1… go! The fastest wins, but laughs are guaranteed for everyone!

The run with the egg
A relay race by passing an egg holding a spoon in the mouth, with a route that can be enriched with obstacles to create paths and add more fun!

The Rabbit and the Turtle
A new board game with which everyone in the family can't help but move around! It includes many activities inspired by the Joy of moving method which will allow kids to acquire or improve specific skills while having fun.

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Download The Rabbit and The Turtle board game or choose which game to play today, together!

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