Tennis is a team sport

Tennis Trophy 8th edition

The first and only non-competitive tennis tournament, based on friendship and fair play, returns for its 8th edition! More than a trophy, the Kinder Joy of moving tennis tournament is a uniquely joyful experience where tennis becomes a team sport and the winners are those players who overcome shyness, make friends, accept and appreciate differences and have fun.

Shifting the focus from performance to fun, and from competition to collaboration, the international tennis tournament perfectly supports and conveys the values on which Kinder Joy of moving, Ferrero Group's social responsibility project, is based. The fun and inclusive sporting competition thus seeks to inspire young players and their families to get active in an engaging and joyful way while encouraging key values such as friendship, respect, confidence and growth.

Girls and boys aged 9 to 12 will take to the court in 12 different countries this year: Italy, France, Poland, Luxembourg, Austria, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Cape Verde and, for the first time ever, Greece and Switzerland. Local tournaments, which are made possible by national sports federations and clubs, will run through October. The Tennis Trophy will then culminate in November with the International Master which, for the fourth consecutive year will be held at Rafa Nadal Academy in Mancor, Spain.

The Kinder Joy of moving Tennis Trophy is an unforgettable opportunity for the young players and their families to team up and have fun – on and off the tennis court. It is also unique, as every match is played without referees and the players are thus required to field decisions and follow the code of fair play. In doing so, they increase their autonomy and decision-making skills while giving their very best.

Many internationally renowned tennis players and coaches have embraced these values and are promoting the trophy, among which Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, ambassador of the Tennis Trophy in France and globally. Their support and presence during the various local stages further enriches the experience of the young athletes, who can meet and engage with their legends.

Of particular interest, the Junior Wheelchair sector returns again this year after its great success in previous editions, and will be held throughout Italy and France and at the International Master.

Furthermore, Open Days will be held to encourage children and their families to discover the “team” sport known as tennis. Based on the idea that tennis is a passion too great not to be shared, Open Days provide yet another opportunity to meet others and share time together. Similarly, the tournament will include both the participation of children in 1-on-1 matches as well as gender-inclusive encounters based on mixed pairs, mixed nationalities and parent-child matches.

The Kinder Joy of moving Tennis Trophy, now in its eight international edition, was created in 2006 from an idea by professional tennis player Rita Grande, a former Italian champion, in collaboration with Kinder Joy of moving and the support of local Tennis Foundations. Because regardless of the sport, the playing field or the ability and performance level of the child, Kinder Joy of moving lets the joy of movement win.


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